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I created this site in 2002 to help those interested in aerobatics, get started in the sport. Aerobatics flying is wrongly confused with stunts flying. I suppose that this dates back to the good old days of barnstorming. Nowadays, flying aerobatics is very much a learned art practiced by pilots who spend many hours training and practicing in the safest manner possible. Pilots often get involved in aerobatics because they have a desire to learn more, improve their skills and maybe dominate their fear of unusual attitudes.

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How do I get started in aerobatics?


Of course I will assume you already have a pilot licence. There is no minimum experience requirement to take aerobatic training. In Canada, all you need really is a recreational permit. You can start aerobatic training as soon you as you are licenced. Find an aerobatic instructor in your area, see the links on this site or/and join your local aerobatic club. I recommend that you read the Education pages on this site for more information. If you still have questions, by all means send them to me by e-mail.


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March 2004: Check the "Education" page for a new article titled "Training for Gs"

I redesigned the site at the end of 2003 to make it thinner around the waist. Some of the  graphics and photos are gone but I think the site should load faster now and be easier to navigate, with a more consistent look across the pages. You will notice ads on some of the pages. I built and maintain this site at my own cost. There is no revenue from the site to speak of. I am just hoping that the revenue from the associate program with Amazon.ca for example will help cover the costs of hosting.

Don't hesitate to email me your comments.

 Before you fly ...     

  1. Are you fit to fly? Remember the following points: Illness, Medication, Stress, Alcohol, Fatigue, Eat= IMSAFE
  2. Dehydration is important since it will reduce you G tolerance. Make sure you drink plenty of water and as little coffee as possible before your flight.

  3. Do a very detailed inspection of your aircraft. Check the cockpit for loose items, pens, missing carpet fasteners, loose ELT, etc. Basically anything that could you hit you or go jam the controls.

  4. Check yourself for loose items too, empty your pockets of loose change, keys, etc.

  5. Have a plan, know in advance which maneuvers you want to practice and stick to what you have learned from your instructor.

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