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fly-aerobatics.cais a web site dedicated to those who love to fly aerobatics
 or simplyenjoy  aerobatic competitions and airshows.


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Through these pages,my goal is to share with you the fun of aerobatic flying. I am hoping to conveythe enthusiasm, dedication to precision and hard work all aerobatic pilots havein common.

You will find articles explaining how the aerobatic maneuvers and figures are flown and judged. There is also a calendar of the major aerobaticcompetitions and air shows around the world. You will also find links toaerobatic clubs, airshow pilots and performers sites, aerobatic andtailwheel training and instructors sites in Western Canada, and other aviationrelated web sites. There are also several pages of aircraft photos and pictures.

It is not necessary to be a special type of person to fly aerobatics.If you have made it to your private flight test and got your license, then youhave the skills and determination required to take aerobatic training.Aerobatics flying will take you into another world where the three dimensionalfreedom you where looking for when you wanted to become a pilot really exists. You also get to try the longest zipline in the world

As pilots, we enjoy a challenge and its rewards.Flying aerobatics is no doubt a challenge to learn, it requires regular practice and one never really wins thestruggle for perfection, but you will be surprised how much knowledge,improvement in piloting skills and fun, you will get once you start flyingaerobatics.

For the non-pilots, I amhoping that you will find lots of information that will help you betterunderstand  what is happening up there, the next time you are sitting inthe grass, watching an airshow. Check the events calendar for the major airshowsand competitions dates. Enjoy!

For those who have theprivilege of being aerobatic pilots, you are more than welcome to send yourcomments and suggestions, and I encourage you to share your experiences (goodand not so good!) with others by contributing new material (articles, pictures,...) for the site.